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From 1913 at the service of the best products and gift items.

We are a reference point for lovers of slow smoking pipe and cigar. In our shop you can find a wide selection of accessories of the best brands such as: S.T. Dupont, Dunhill, Savinelli, Brebbia, Colibrì, Lubinski, Lamborghini, Peterson Of Dublin…

We treat all the brands and labels of cigars of every origin, form and invoice. Wide assortment of shredded and pipe tobaccos.





More than 100 years of history


1° generation

The Udine departmental inspectorate issues the license for the sale of monopoly and commercial goods No. 10 in Pordenone.


2° generation

The license is awarded to Augusto Marini aged 25.


3° generation

The company passes into the hands of his son Stefano flanked by his wife Patrizia.



We continue to be a symbol for trade in the city of Pordenone, even online!



Our journey begins far away

For the category of commerce and for the city of Pordenone it was a symbol, a flag. Cav. Augusto Marini class 1908, tall skinny, white hair, severe bearing; for thirty years he had been president of the provincial Fit Tabaccai and of the Edicolanti syndicate of the right cutting, acquiring the task of bringing the merchant categories of the territory to the highest levels of efficiency with rigorous commitment.

It is the first of September 1913 when the compartmental inspectorate of Udine issues the license for the sale of monopoly goods and trade n ° 10 in Pordenone, the shop was then a point of reference the Largo S. Giovanni also called Largo Don Bosco for the nearby presence of the Salesian college.



A craft of yesteryear

After the death of Aleandro Marini, the resale was managed by his wife Dosolina and in 1934, the 12th year of the fascist era, the license was assigned to Augusto Marini in the 25s. Very strict were the duties imposed by the general direction of the Ministry of Monopolies and of Finance, for example to always keep the shop open on public holidays, seven days a week with doffing at five in the morning for the distribution and sale of printed paper.

The whole family has a strong impact on the development of the commercial enterprise, his wife Bruna Sacilotto with his five sons Eleonora, Antonietta, Ines, Maria and the only son Aleandro jr. right arm and essential figure of the shop where, from the age of ten, he collaborates and learns the craft of tobacconist. “I am extremely grateful to him”, recalls Aleandro, because he passed on to me the art and culture of work as a merchant.


Tradition and innovation

Growing up and spending most of the day in the shop, his son Aleandro, having reached the age and adequate experience, leads and manages the company for thirty years together with his wife Anna, continuing the hard work until the early 2000s where the historic building of family is demolished and restored. Aleandro and Anna follow and meticulously plan the local renewal works in a historical period of evolution and socio-cultural development where the tobacconists have taken the great path of computerization with games, lotteries and servants to the citizen.

However, despite the great expansion of technology and computerization of retail outlets, the Tabaccheria Marini always presents a classic and refined taste with large external windows that highlight the pleasure of presenting the accessories for slow smoking and leather goods at the sale; the gift item along with the best selections of pipe tobacco and cigars of every origin and format represent the prestige of the place. From 2013 the baton passes into the hands of his son Stefano, flanked by his wife Patrizia, committed as it was for their parents in the task of proceeding with the tradition of rigorous and impeccable professionalism as it was from grandfather to the third generation.



Our Team

We are a close-knit group with consolidated experience in our sector that allows us to satisfy every need of our loyal customers. For any doubts or questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


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